Building Works for Installing a Stove and Fireplace

Building a stove or fireplace takes impeccable skill, expert training and years of experience to ensure the job is done right. Aside from designing and installing the stove and fireplace there is also the opening and the chimney to consider. If you have a home where the original fireplace and chimney has been blocked off by boards or bricks then you will require professional building works to excavate it. The Stove and Fireplace Builder have expert builders and engineers to survey the property and excavate the fireplace efficiently. Typically nothing structural needs to be touched for this type of project.

Resolutions with Building Works

However in many cases once the fireplace has been opened it reveals an extremely damaged and blocked chimney. In some instances there may even be damage from the roof causing the chimney and fireplace to be deemed unsafe. In these circumstances it is definitely wise to hire a professional to resolve these issues. The Stove and Fireplace Builder has a team of highly trained professionals who are experts in the industry. We can tackle any building works problem related to stoves, chimneys and fireplaces. Any structural changes and renovations that need to be made to the chimney itself and any repairs to the roof can also be done.

Building Works in the Interior of the Property

When it comes to the installation of a stove or fireplace the interior of your property, a special kind of skill and attention is required. Here at The Stove and Fireplace Builder we have a team of talented designers who can create your dream fireplace or stove. Our goal is to add instant value and character to your property with this classic feature. Having one of our bespoke designs in your home will create a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere to any room. Our designers work closely and consistently with our builders and engineers to ensure your stove or fireplace is installed with promptly with precision.

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The Finer Details

As well as the repair and restructure of the chimney or flue system our team can handle the restoration and redesign of the hearth, fireback and constructional lintels. Whether you are looking for a traditional fireplace style or a more modern effect, The Stove and Fireplace Builder will create your ideal design. From brick laying, to carpentry, to décor and finishing we have experts ready to take on your project from start to finish. With years of experience under our belt we are ready to tackle any problem no matter how large or impossible it may seem.

Other Services

The Stove and Fireplace Builder is reliable and professional business specialising in everything related to stoves and fireplaces. We offer bespoke designs using 100% British made parts. We install stoves and fireplaces implementing the most innovative and create designs.  We are passionate about our work and offer advice and services on all aspects of the industry. If you require chimney sweeping services or chimney repairs we have highly skilled tradesmen for the job. We also offer CCTV Surveys to investigate your chimney or flue system for blockages and damages. Whatever your needs The Stove and Fireplace Builder are available to help.