If you’re looking for bricklayers UK, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that our team have the vast wealth of expertise and training to get the job done right every time. Everything from initial planning and surveying to construction and completion.

Stove Installation

Brickwork Chamber

If you’re after a rustic chamber for your stove, then newly formed brick work is the way forward. The chamber can be constructed in new facing brick or a re-claimed brick.

Reinstated Brick

Existing brickwork is opened up to its original state, if it’s in fair a condition the brickwork can then be treated to clean up the brick face. The existing mortar is then scraped out and re-pointed to give you an attractive reinstated brickwork chamber.

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Chimney Installation

Not only can we clean and repair chimneys, we can build them too! Our expert bricklayers UK can do just about anything that you need involving fireplaces, stoves and chimneys.

Although it is not impossible to build and install a chimney yourself, we highly recommend hiring a professional to do it for you. Fireplaces and chimneys need to follow strict guidelines in order to be safe both structurally and whilst in operation. We offer a stunning range of brickwork to transform any living space.

No need to worry about a mismatched chimney on your house as we can ensure they are built to match the existing brickwork already on the property.

Fireplace Installation

A fireplace is the main focal point of a room, giving it character, structure and warmth. If your fireplace is in dire need of restoration or you just want to give it a face-lift our highly skilled bricklayers UK have you covered.

Before you consider fireplace installation consider;


As with any renovation project budget must be taken into consideration, get a free quote from us today!

Source of Energy

There are five main types of fireplaces available; wood, pellet, gas, electric or bioethanol. When considering which type of energy source will be best for your fireplace consider the availability of these energy sources.

Heat Required

If you are looking to install a fire in a large room you will need a larger amount of heat – in this case, we recommend avoiding something like a wood burner as a rather large amount of heat can be lost through the chimney and instead opting for a pellet heater instead.

In a small, cosy room a wood burning or electric fireplace would be more than ample.

Flue System

  • A wood burner requires installation of a chimney.
  • A pellet burner requires installation of a flue (not as intrusive as a chimney.)
  • Electric fireplaces are easy to install as they only require an electrical outlet.
  • Bioethanol fireplaces are the easiest to install as they require no chimney, flue, gas, or electric.


It’s important to insure that your fireplace is properly ventilated as inadequate ventilation can cause people to feel dizzy and unwell.


When it comes to fireplace installation, the design is very dependent on the homeowner, below are some features to distinguish between traditional and modern fireplaces;

  • Traditional – dark detailed iron, marble, stone and brick.
  • Modern – minimalist, sleek, smooth and stylish.

Due to fewer restrictions on electrical and bioethical fireplaces, modern styles for fireplaces are unlimited.