When not done professionally, there can be many structural consequences when it comes to chimney construction or fireplace restoration which can present a safety risk. We can offer a full design and build service, or if you already have the plans drawn up we can take over the project at the building stage. You can have total peace of mind that all of our projects are fully managed onsite to make sure everything runs smoothly. Overtime, chimney constructions weather and deteriorate naturally leaving them vulnerable to collapse. Our staff are fully trained in ensuring that the structural integrity of your property stays in tack throughout whatever work we do.

Existing Chimney Constructions

If you have a pre-existing chimney construction that has faults due to natural time progression The Stove and Fireplace Builder can help.

Some common structural problems that can occur in chimneys include;

Leaks at the Chimney Flashing

The flashing is the point of contact between the bottom of the chimney and the roof of your property. Poor sealing or configuration can lead to water leaking inside of your chimney and home. This can also occur naturally over time and will eventually need replaced to ensure your chimney construct is secure.

Dilapidated or Missing Chimney Liner

One of the main issues – especially in older chimneys – is the lack of chimney liner. Whether there was none put into begin with or it has been worn out over time, it leaves your chimney construction susceptible to catching fire as heat and combustion by-products cannot vent properly.

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Misaligned or Damaged Materials

Another structural problem that can occur happens outside the chimney construction. Misaligned or damaged materials pose a huge risk that many people are unaware of. If you were to have a chimney fire and had cracks in the structure or the chimney allowed for movement the fire is much more likely to spread to the outside of your home causing a lot more devastating damage and potentially risking the safety of whoever’s inside.

Although visual inspections can be done by yourself, some structural problems in a chimney cannot been seen with the naked eye. Unsure if your chimney has structural problems? Contact us today to organise an inspection.

Building a Chimney?

If you’re looking to build and install a chimney, you have come to the right place! Here at The Stove and Fireplace Builder we pride ourselves with over 18 years’ worth of experience to give you the best quality of work and stunning results.

When building a chimney, you must adhere to local rules and regulations, this is for your safety, as well as the safety of the people and properties around you. We ensure that whatever work we do gets done to the highest of standards, without cutting corners.