A fireplace can make a significant design statement in any room and finishing a stove or fireplace surround will greatly improve the aesthetic, make it easier to clean, and staining can be avoided. Keep in mind that a good looking fireplace can also increase the value of your property.

Whether you require your mantel to be painted, need to re-tile the surround, or tear everything off the wall and replace it with a totally new look – you can it all and more at The Stove & Fireplace Builder.

For safety reasons, open fireplaces and stoves require to be surrounded by non-combustible materials, these materials must be thinner in depth than the brickwork itself.

There are a number of different materials that can be used to finish a fireplace surround;

Heat proof boarding

This type of boarding allows you to finish it your fireplace with a paint job, giving you the option to blend or contrast the fireplace with the rooms colour scheme. We use only heat resistant paint to ensure a safe and long lasting effect.

Render finish

Rendering a fireplace involves spreading a layer of mortar over the brickwork. This can be a great effect in a cottage, giving a slightly more “rough and ready” look.

Part rendering can also work well, especially when some stone or brick work is left showing.


Exposed brick brings a sense of warmth, character, and texture to a space. When making your selection you have the choice to go for either new or reclaimed, along with your choice of joint colour. For whatever suits you and your home.

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Stone is often a more expensive way to finish the face and inside of a fireplace but can add a dramatic look to your living space. With various types of stones and designs to choose from you can achieve any look from contemporary to traditional.

Ceramic tiled

Tiles can give you a wide variety of finishes, they must be sealed to ensure they stay in place to give it a complete look. It is important to make sure you select the right type of tile for your fireplace or stove as they can give off incredible amounts of heat, causing some types of tile to crack.

At The Stove & Fireplace Builder we offer a comprehensive range of materials and finishes, for any want or need. Please get in contact today if you have any queries or want more information about our décor and finishing services.