Why You Need a CCTV Chimney Survey

Before we can commence the installation process of your new fuel burning stove or fireplace it is necessary to ensure that your flue system is properly prepared. Toxic gasses and smoke are produced from fuel burning appliances and therefore must be directed up the chimney and out of the property. The chimney must have a fully functioning flue system to carry these harmful substances to the outside and replace them with clean fresh air. If your property already has a chimney or flue system installed, it is important to have it investigated by a professional to confirm its functionality. At The Stove and Fireplace Builder we conduct a CCTV Chimney Survey to investigate flue systems.

What is a CCTV Chimney Survey?

CCTV Chimney Survey comprises of professional engineers using flexible cameras to look up inside your existing flue system. This allows a close up view of the system, meaning that any damages or blockages can be identifies. A CCTV Chimney Survey also allows the engineer to note the measurements of the flue system interior. This is necessary to ensure the correct size of flue liner is used for your project. The correct size of flue lining is key to preventing any harmful gasses from escaping into the property.

CCTV Chimney Surveys Allow Us To:

  • Identify the flue system dimensions
  • Establish the best lining system for your flue
  • Check for damages such as past chimney fire damage, extreme weather, or wear and tear
  • View blockages which could arise from fallen debris, animal ness, bends or damages in the existing flue system or any other objects/obstructions

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Why You Should Choose The Stove and Fireplace Builder for your CCTV Chimney Survey

The Stove and Fireplace Builder is a reliable and trustworthy UK company using 100% British products for your bespoke stove and fireplace designs and installations. Our expert engineers can execute flue surveys on a variety of commercial properties. By hiring professionals you are ensured an elite service from engineers you can trust to complete the task safely and with precision. Due to our engineers being highly skilled, expertly trained and experienced we can diagnose any problem quickly and accurately. We can complete the survey without any disruption to your property. Here at The Stove and Fireplace Builder we use high tech modern cameras that deliver high resolution images. This means we will identify any and all problems within the interior of your flue system.

The Next Steps after the CCTV Chimney Survey

After the CCTV Chimney Survey has been carried out our expert engineers will gather their findings and write a formal report. This will include all and any problems encountered using the high resolution CCTV chimney inspection camera. The report will outline the best method for removing any obstructions or repairing any damages. Also included in the survey report is the dimensions of your flue system and the most appropriate flue lining to be used for the system as concluded by our professional engineers. Our design team will then create the perfect stove or fireplace for your property coinciding with the designated flue lining system. Once the design is complete and approved by the customer our engineers will begin the install. Every professional contributing to each stage of your stove and fireplace are part of The Stove and Fireplace Builder. This means that you are dealing with the same company throughout your entire project.