If you have an unused chimney but don’t want to close it off, then you need a Chimella. A Chimella is essentially an inside-out umbrella that goes inside your chimney.

It has a multitude of benefits including preventing downdraft and cold air from entering through the flue. People often forget that a chimney is essentially an open window into your property. If you don’t use your fireplace, then you are getting none of the benefits of it but could encounter problems.

Chimella allows you to close off your chimney as and when you want when your fireplace is not in use, this can save you heat, energy and money. Chimella is made from high-quality materials to ensure its efficiency.

Fireplaces need a certain degree of air to prevent damp, because of this Chimella won’t completely block off the air but rather fits snugly inside to prevent large gusts and debris from coming down the flue.

Benefits of Using a Chimella

Helping You Stay Warm

A Chimella prevents cold air and downdrafts from coming down the chimney. It also wards off any chimney ‘howling’ you may get when it’s windy outside.

Energy Conscious

People often forget that a lot of heat can be lost through a chimney. A chimney is essentially an open window into your property and can end up costing you more money on central heating. A Chimella acts as a shield to protect your home against the wind and the cold.

No Mess

The canopy collects any fallen debris, rain or hailstones and stops them from falling down the chimney. The canopy can be easily emptied and cleaned when required.

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Prevents Birds & Animals

The Chimella will prevent birds and animals from being able to go down the chimney, potentially getting into your home, or getting hurt or stuck in the chimney – which can lead their death.

Prevent Smoke

If your fireplace is no longer in use but your chimney flue is shared it can stop smoke coming down from other, operational fireplaces.

Suit Any Style

The interchangeable handles come in a range of colour schemes to suit your style and taste.

Easy to Install and Remove

It takes less than one second to install, and less than one second to remove.

Complete Safety

In the event that someone should light a fire whilst a Chimella is inserted it will simply burn away.

Fit Any Shape Flue

Whether your chimney is round, square, rectangle or even triangle – the Chimella will fit any shape flue.

Why Choose The Stove and Fireplace Builder?

If you no longer use your fireplace, or don’t use it for long periods at a time, enquire with The Stove and Fireplace Builder today! We are more than happy to answer any further queries you may have about the Chimella and can even assist with the set up. Our team of builders are more than happy to help.