Why You Need Chimney Repairs

There are many reasons you may require chimney repair services. First of all it is important to have your chimney cleaned regularly as debris such as litter, leaves and birds’ nests can build up in your chimney or flue system. Blockages can lead to a build-up of toxic gases that could escape back into your home. You should invest in a professional chimney sweep to ensure your chimney is efficiently cleaned and to help avoid any health and safety issues. Lighting a stove or fireplace with a blocked and damaged chimney could also lead to a house fire. Small problems can often lead to bigger ones if not caught in time. To avoid all of these hazards you should invest in professional chimney services.

Why Choose Professional Chimney Repairs

Damages caused by blockages or wear and tear over time can also cause problems with your chimney. You should have your chimney inspected regularly to avoid any damages going unnoticed. As part of our chimney sweep service at The Stove and Fireplace Builder we will check your chimney or flue lining for any issues and report back to you if you require chimney repair services. We also have expert engineers who can repair your chimney after serious damage caused by extreme weather.

Chimney Repairs for Weather Damage

If your chimney has suffered damage after a storm we can send professionals out to your property to repair your chimney. With our highly skilled tradesmen and modern technology we will provide you with a new chimney structure that is guaranteed to last for years. Even if you have your chimney cleaned and inspected on a regular basis it is inevitable that over time some wear and tear damage will build up.

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Why Choose The Stove and Fireplace Builder for your Chimney Repairs

We are a friendly and fully qualified team of stove and fireplace professionals. We have years of experience dealing with flue lining and chimneys including design, construction, maintenance and inspection. The Stove and Fireplace Builder offers a comprehensive chimney repair service and you can rely on us to complete the job promptly and effectively. Whether your chimney needs repairing or if you require an entire chimney rebuild The Stove and Fireplace Builder is here to help!

The Stove and Fireplace Chimney Repair Services

We cover all the essential services required for full chimney repair:

  • Cracked Flue repair
  • Chimney Renovation
  • Chimney Restructuring
  • Stack Re-pointing
  • Relining
  • Problems with Downdraught
  • Blockage Removal
  • Chimney Inspection
  • Chimney Sweeping
  • CCTV Chimney Survey


If you already have a chimney in your property but are not currently using the fireplace we can install a new stove or reinstate your fireplace for you. Before we are able to do so, first it is necessary to inspect the chimney for any damages or blockages. It is essential that the chimney is repaired before we begin working on designing and building your new fireplace. Contact The Stove and Fireplace Builder today to start your fireplace renovation and chimney repair.