The Stove and Fireplace Builder provides a fully comprehensive chimney inspection. The first stage of our chimney service is a chimney inspection. Your chimney should be inspected annually as it is essential for its maintenance, and for your safety. Problems that can occur when a chimney is not inspected and properly maintained include blockages, smoke leaks, inadequate ventilation, insufficient draw, down-draught and tar build-up.

Why You Need A Professional Chimney Service

Think of your chimney as a giant exhaust or vent, it needs to be clear in order for smoke and other substances to pass through it, and to insure that they aren’t filtered back into your home.  When not properly maintained, over time chimneys get clogged with soot and creosote (a substance that is produced by slow burning wood and sticks to the inside of the chimney.) Professional chimney inspection and cleaning is advised because when cleaned insufficiently or neglected, chimney’s pose a great risk of chimney fires. Which can be devastating and do take lives. In one year (2014-2015) the UK experienced 6,732 reported chimney fires, a number far too high for something preventable.

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Chimney Inspection by The Stove and Fireplace Builder

Our inspection is the first step in our professional chimney service. This step is essential as it allows our expert engineers to establish if there are any problems that need to be resolved. There are three levels of chimney inspection:

Visual check of fireplace and chimney

This requires no specialised equipment and inspectors do not need access to the roof.  This inspection should be done annually.

Check of roof, attic, and chimney

This includes level one inspection. Inspector will also require specialised tools and access to roof, attic, and crawl space in search of disrepair. This inspection should be done if you have experienced recent hostile weather (e.g. bad storm), if major changes have been made to the fireplace, or if you’ve just moved into a house with a pre-existing chimney.


This may require a chimney to be torn down and rebuilt, most commonly after a chimney fire

Perpetration for chimney inspection/sweep

  • Remove all items from the mantel piece and hearth.
  • Remove any un-burnt fuel.
  • Cover soft furnishings.
  • Remove valuable items from the room.
  • Lay newspaper or old sheets from the door to the fireplace for the sweeps to walk on.


Avid gardener? Soot can be used as an excellent way to fertilise plants and vegetables, just ask your chimney inspector for information.


How often should I clean my chimney?

  • Oil – Once a year
  • Gas – Once a year
  • Bituminous coal – Twice a year
  • Wood – Up to four times a year
  • Smokeless coals – At least once a year

How much does it cost?

Cost is based on location, size and number of chimneys, just get in contact today for a free quote!

Can you have a fire on the night before a chimney inspection?

Yes, as long as you remove all hot ash and allow it to cool before we arrive.

Will the inspector make a mess?

Our qualified technicians are trained to ensure that little to no mess is made during chimney inspections. It is always advised to put down old sheets or newspaper in front of the fireplace and between the fireplace and door. This helps ensure that no fallout from the chimney will affect your floor.