As chimneys are exposed to the elements and adverse weather conditions, they can naturally crack and crumble due to erosion. Damaged mortar (a paste used to bind bricks) is a gateway which if not properly maintained or replaced can allow moisture into the chimney, this could eventually lead to a chimneys collapse. Similarly, damage to the mortar has the potential to allow sparks and cinders to get between floorboards and walls, leaving you at serious risk of fires. To prevent this from happening old and loose mortar needs to be removed from the joints and then replaced. This is known as chimney repointing. When done right, these replacements can last for up to 25 years.

Benefits of chimney repointing with The Stove and Fireplace Builder include:

Chimney Repointing that Lasts

Due to constant changes in weather conditions and outdoor temperatures mortar is left vulnerable to drying out and crumbling. Bricks can last for more than 100 years but unfortunately mortar has a shorter life span. Chimney repointing can significantly extend a chimney’s life span.

Save Money in the Long Term

Chimney repointing is an essential part of chimney maintenance, and if not done can cause serious damage to your chimney. A chimney with weak joints poses more risk of collapsing, re-pointing is a great investment now to spare yourself the hassle and costly repairs later.

Ensures Structural Stability

A secure chimney is a safe chimney, crumbling and damaged mortar can pose a real risk to not only your home, but to family, friends, and people walking past on the street. Repointing can ensure your chimney is secure and that there is no risk of collapsing due to high winds.

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Make Sure Your Roof is Waterproof

After your chimney has been repointed a waterproof sealant is applied to the joints to ensure no moisture can get into the mortar. Cracks in mortar are essentially holes that allow water and moisture to penetrate your chimney.

Keep Your Chimney Looking Good

Not only can crumbling mortar damage your property, it can also make your chimney look unsightly. Chimney repointing will help ensure your chimney looks presentable, attractive and is a great way to bring out distinctive details in your chimney by heightening the designs definition (especially on period style chimneys.) This can also improve the value of your home.

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