Having a fireplace in your home can transform the appearance of any living space. A real fireplace has a certain ambience about it, one that can’t be beaten with a replica. Fireplaces are incredibly sought after and can even boost a properties selling price. There are many houses that have fireplaces in Scotland, but installing your own ensures you get the design and style that you want.

Advantages of Having a Fireplace in Your Home

Storm Proof

It’s most likely that you have experienced some sort of natural disaster or freak weather conditions that have caused a power outage. This can be frustrating and can leave you without both power and electric heating.

Once you install a fireplace you won’t need to worry about your heating or power going off again. In the event of a power outage, your fireplace could provide you with heating, lighting and even the ability to cook.


A wood burning fireplace is a lot eco-friendlier than some other types of heating options. This is because the natural Co2 emissions released by the burning wood would get released anyway once the tree started to die and rot. As it is a natural fuel, no chemicals or harmful emissions are generated.

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Independence from Your Heating Providers/Reduce Energy Costs

Having a functional fireplace in your home is a great asset that can actually cut your energy bills. The price of electricity is forever on the rise, and many people want to find a way to curve those expensive bills. A fireplace is a great solution to this as it not only provides heat, it is also far cheaper to buy firewood than it is electricity.

Aesthetic and Atmospheric

A fireplace is a beautiful feature to have in your living room. With the addition of a mantel shelf, you can decorate it to fit your own personal style.

The atmosphere that is created with a real fireplace cannot be beaten with an electric one. There is something extremely relaxing about sitting in front of a warm glowing fireplace whilst drinking a cup of tea, reading a book, or watching TV.

Contemporary vs. Modern

In this day and age there are many different styles of fireplace, ranging from classic and traditional to sleek and modern, and everything in between. There is no interior décor that won’t look fantastic with the new edition to your living room.

Adds Value to Your Home

A fireplace is not just beneficial to heating and aesthetic purposes, it can also help boost your property value;

  • 40% of people said that they would even pay extra if a property had one
  • A fireplace can boost a properties selling price by an average of 12%
  • 70% of estate agents say they see some kind of increase in value if a home contains a fireplace

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