A log fire is something that many people dream of having in their homes. You can choose to either have a wood burning stove or a wood burning fireplace. A wood-burning stove is easier to install if your property doesn’t already have a chimney, but if it does then it can easily be remodified to meet your specifications.

A log fire can transform the look of your living room and make it feel homelier and more welcoming. As well as adding value to your property and giving a room great aesthetic appeal as well as ambience.

When you light the fire you should be looking for a hot, fast burn when it comes to burning wood. This is because it is the cleanest and most efficient way for the logs to burn because it produces the cleanest air and produces the most heat.

Things That You Should Never Burn on a Log Fire

For your own safety and for the environment, you should avoid burning the following on a log fire…

  • Wet wood
  • Christmas trees
  • Painted or treated wood
  • Any type of paper with coloured print
  • Plywood or chipboard
  • Fire accelerants/fire starters
  • Plastic
  • Dryer lint
  • Cardboard
  • Driftwood

The only things you should burn on a log fire are dry wood in a natural state and plain paper.

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Advantages of Having a Log Fire

There are many advantages to having a log fire in your home, these include;

High Efficiently

A wood-burning fireplace or stove has an efficiency rating of up to 82%. You could also save a bit of money, with 46% of wood-burning stove owners agreeing that they have saved money since installation.

Using Renewable Energy

Wood logs are a source of renewable fuel, and this is a great method for heating your home! Burning wood is also considered to be fairly carbon neutral. The Co2 that is produced whilst burning wood is the equivalent of what the tree absorbed during its growth, and would naturally get released back into the air after the tree died and began to rot.  This makes it a great choice of fuel.

Could Heat Your Entire Home

Depending on what type of log fire or stove you want, you may be able to heat your entire home with it. It can be linked up to heat the water supply, not only giving you hot water, but the ability to heat your whole home at a fraction of the price.

Smoke Control Approved (Free Standing Wood Burning Stoves)

Many free standing wood burning stoves are smoke control approved for towns and cities. This means that even if you live in a town or a city you can still enjoy a wood burning fire. They burn clean and maintain the requirements of the Clean Air Act 1993.

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