What is a Wood Burning Stove?

A wood burning stove is a renewable energy solution which can not only help reduce your carbon footprint, but can actually be cheaper to run.

Wood burning stoves today, are available in a multitude of different shapes, styles and sizes. This means a lot more flexibility when it comes in installing one.

Is a Wood Burning Stove Eco-Friendly?

A lot of people think that burning wood is not very eco-friendly. Many argue that we shouldn’t be cutting down trees for heat when there are so many other options. But when the wood comes from cultivated woodland or plantations. Where the trees have already been cut down for other purposes, it would simply be left to rot. So why not make the most of it? After all, it could significantly lower your carbon footprint.

How Your Home Would Benefit from a Wood Burning Stove

There are many benefits to installing a wood burning stove in your home, these include;

Carbon Neutral Energy Source

Biomass materials, such as wood, are considered carbon neutral. This is because the amount of CO2 released when the wood is burnt would be naturally released as the tree rotted. When these biomass materials are sourced locally this significantly reduces the carbon emissions even more.

To put it into perspective, here are the estimated figures from The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) of how much CO2 is produced per kWh;

  • Wood logs – 0.008kg
  • Gas – 0.198kg
  • Electricity – 0.517kg

More Efficient

Stoves are one of the most efficient heating systems, and are more efficient than many types of standalone heaters.

Efficiently stats according to SIA;

  • Open fires have the efficiency of around 32%
  • Gas fires have an efficiency between 20%-50%
  • Stoves have an efficiency between 60%-80% – this figure is set to increase

New EU regulations mean that by 2022 all stoves must have an efficiency rating of at least 80%.

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Reduced Dependency

Installing a stove means that you will be less dependent on traditional heating methods. Making you more independent from the grid, and from ever rising costs.

Save Money in the Long Run

Energy bills are ever increasing, with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Installing a wood burning stove could see you saving money by being able to provide your own heating for the fraction of the cost.

Any “extra” energy you create from the stove can also be sold back to the grid, meaning that you could make your money back even quicker.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Funding

Many people are put off by the large upfront cost of installing a stove, or any other renewable energy system. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme has been set up by the government to aid those who want to switch to renewable energy, but may not have the cash to put down at the beginning.

Important Things to Consider Before Selecting a Stove

Before selecting a stove, please consider the following;

  • Style/aesthetic
  • Appropriate heat output for the room/space you want to heat
  • Fuel type – wood burning only or multi-fuel
  • Do you also want to be able to heat water?
  • Are Cleanburn, Airwash and efficiency important to you?
  • Are you looking to burn wood in a Smoke Control Area?

Wood Burning Stove Installation

When it comes to stove installation, many people think that they can do it themselves. Although this is true in some cases, it is not recommended.

Although you are not allowed to burn wood in a Smoke Control Area, you can still install some types of wood burning stove. As long as the stove is DEFRA approved then it is safe to burn, even in a town or city.

Installing a stove isn’t as simple as other types of home renovation, there are many safety codes and building regulations that legally, must be adhered to. Improper installation can lead to many risks such as;

Poor Ventilation

A wood burning stove can be installed if there is not a pre-existing chimney in the property. A separate flue system can be installed either into the wall or through the ceiling – whichever is most practical for your living space.

Bad ventilation can lead to CO2 poisoning and this can and has been lethal.

House Fire

Installing a wood burning stove incorrectly, or too close to combustible materials can leave you susceptible to house fires. A professional stove installer will be able to give you all the safety information required when it comes to maintaining a safely functional stove.

Why Choose The Stove & Fireplace Builder?

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